Feeling free


What do you think of before you go to bed?

Does it occasionally replays old movies your past or stories that you’re creating in your mind about the future? I notice myself feeling beaten up by my thoughts, because I remember things I’ve said that hurt people or embarrassed me. Sometimes I wonder what it feels like if I’ve chosen another job, haven met my exes, paid more attention during biology classes, or deciding how things will turn out years from that particular moment.

“Be conscious that your past creates your future, and you get to make another choice today”

Too often we sit around worrying about tomorrow’s work or the consequences of the things we’ve said and done. We cannot predict and control the future. Why not take that moment to loosen up, breathe and be aware of how blessed you actually are?

You are not losing anything. In fact, you’re gaining everything you never knew you always had. You need to be where you are before you can get to the next step. You have the opportunity to make new memories happen. Remember, you can experience the true feeling of freedom. Its all within you.


Learn to play 



Was busy trying out some Crispy Min Chiang Kueh (chinese pancake) recipe today.

This is a breakfast/tea break delight that is commonly found in the Singapore hawker scene, and its usually filled with either red bean paste, peanuts & sugar or sweetened coconut. 

My version consist of

  • milo dinosaur + nonya kaya
  • coffee cream + shredded coconut
  • crispy luncheon meat + cheddar cheese
  • chives + sesame salad sauce

Its such a joy to see all the wacky combination you’ve imagined in your head coming to life.

Remember to always keep that rainbow unicorn door open, continue to play like a kid and never stop messing around with your food!


Your person 

Is there someone that you can act completely naturally with? No holding back, no second thoughts, just you, 100% you.

I encountered a memorable scene at the the playground today, where an elderly couple was seated nearby, watching over their family and grandchildren. Just as I was about to leave, I saw the grandfather stood up slowly and gently pulled his wife’s hand, asking if she wants to play on the swing with him. She looked mildly annoyed, but with a wide smile on her face.

Playfulness is like an energy that runs through the relationship, like a kid being spontaneous, silly, and creating whole worlds of fun out of nothing.

So here’s to all who has found their person, the one that they’ll choose in a hundred different lifetimes to play with.